26.) Working On The Business


#26   Working On The Business

As the leader, you need to be MORE focussed on the future direction of your organization.

Your people are quite capable of and should be making the operational decisions.

Organization leaders need to own and take charge of the strategic planning process and the outcomes.

Your priority is making sure that what really matters most…. gets done. To do that you need to make sure three things are in place:

1. Clear Direction – Your Mission, Vision, Goals and Strategies need to be documented and understood by everyone, at all levels

2. Aligned Objectives – People, at all levels, must have specific, measurable outcome accountabilities that are aligned with the company’s strategy and to each other.

3. Clear Roles – People who are crystal clear on the decisions and actions for which they are accountable and the explicit authority to make them. Unclear roles are the most common blockage to successful strategy execution.

With clear direction, aligned objectives and clear roles you will gain a competitive, execution advantage. Now who doesn’t want that?