17.) Values or Empty Platitudes?



While a Mission defines the reason for being and a vision defines the organization’s desired future, values speak to how we will behave, inside and outside of the enterprise.


Values or operating principles as they are sometimes called, define acceptable and encouraged behaviour. Anything outside of these parameters should not be tolerated nor encouraged….at any level in the company.


Values must align with and facilitate the achievement of the Vision and be reflective of the Mission or the reason for being.


So if teamwork, a very common value, is key to the achievement of your Strategic Goals then organizational silos must be torn down and replaced with cross functional team work. Objectives and budgets must facilitate teamwork. Decision making should be collaborative in nature.


Here are your 3 take away questions:


1. Are your documented values reality based or tired expressions?


2. Does the Leadership Team demonstrate the stated values?


3. Do people get punished or rewarded for values-based behaviour?


These are tough questions that need open and candid conversation. Assuming of course that openness and candour are genuinely valued in your organization.


Make it happen – make your values real.