The Strategy Execution Dilemma

Pandemic Update

Last year, we shared a series of ’59 Second Videos on how to increase your confidence at the Execution of What Matters Most which arguably is,  just as, if not MORE important in today’s world of uncertainty. This video identifies the #1 blockage to plan execution, any kind of plan, and what to do about it…..NOW!


Here’s the link to our pandemic fighter, Rapid, Agile Deployment (RAD)



Let’s FOCUS for 59 Seconds … I’m Fred.


Most of you already know this … like 75% of organizations… your company sucks at Strategy Execution.


And this is happening despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent on HR initiatives like training, employee engagement; or installing new systems; or adding new people or changing organization structures.


So what’s missing?


The number one obstacle, BY FAR, according to published studies and my 25 years as a strategy execution facilitator, is that your people are unclear on the decisions and actions they must take.


Strategy execution hates fuzziness.


Execution loves high definition action plans that are focused on getting what matters most, done.


All of your people need to be laser clear on these 3 W’s:

What needs to be done?

Who is accountable?


When will it be done?


Make it happen!