5.) Strategy Execution Needs Clarity


Let’s FOCUS for 59 Seconds … I’m Fred.


Most of you already know this; your company sucks at Strategy Execution.  The good news is… so do 75% of your competitors. Now here’s how you can use this to gain a competitive advantage. 


Tip Number one – Make your strategic plan crystal clear execution hates fuzziness…


Mission and Vision statements are fuzz attractors.


Besides being boring and generic, most are filled with expressions like: optimize, maximize, AND customer centric.


Use more specific terms like:  attracting and retaining 90% of our talent or increasing sales by 5 times in 5 years.


Use fuzz-free terms to help everyone in your company, ‘get it


Tip Number two – Go for the critical few instead of the lucky dozen.


Goals and Strategies often become long lists of things to do. You need to force yourself to choose the few things that will have the greatest impact.


Make it happen!