2.) Strategy Execution Can Be a Competitive Advantage


Let’s FOCUS for 59 Seconds … I’m Fred.   Let me tell you something that you may already know…  your company sucks at strategy execution… but HERE’S the good news  … so do most of your competitors.  NOW… What if you could get better than them?   Wouldn’t that give you a REAL competitive advantage?   Of course it would ...  one that would be hard to see and IMPOSSIBLE TO copy.   Strategy execution practises are essentially hidden… It is what you do inside your organization to ensure clarity, alignment and commitment to what matters most.   Here are your three takeaways: Number one – Clarify your strategic goals and metrics. Strategy execution hates fuzziness… Number two – Align your people’s accountabilities to the strategy. Everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction… Number three – Give your people the authority to take action and to make decisions that really matter. Real authority generates hard-to-stop commitment…   Make it happen!