21.) The Strategic Few; Game Changers



The Strategic Few; The Game Changers


What really matters most for the future success of your business?

Identifying the 2- 3 things that will separate you from your competitors, in ways that matter, is at the root of creating strategic advantage. And it’s not simply about being better; it’s also about being unique. What will separate you from others?  Why should buyers choose you as a provider?

Your value proposition needs to express what you bring to your customer and say it in a way that emphasizes your uniqueness.

Listen to this value proposition:

Unlike breakfast bars and cereals our BreakieBar tastes like a full, cooked breakfast but has no fat and no sugars.  You can eat it anywhere; even the wrapper can be consumed.

The company had two Focus Areas that helped to develop BreakieBars: Product Innovation and Zero Waste. The resulting product is healthier for the consumer and it contributes to a healthier environment.

What are the 2-3 Focus Areas that will lead you to not only a better product or service, but one that is different in ways that matter? What are your game changers?

Make it happen!