15.) The Power of Positive Tension



We all know that the purpose of doing a SWOT analysis is to answer the question: “Where are we now?”


But what about: “Where are we heading?”


Let’s focus for 59 seconds.  I’m Fred.


An important element of strategic planning is to forecast how we expect the business to perform over the coming 2-3 years if we pursue our current course and do not alter our strategies – in other words, “business as usual”.


Any changes, especially significant ones, bring with them an element of risk.  “WHAT IF it doesn’t work?  WHAT IF we don’t execute it well?”  The greater the risk, the greater the chance of failure.  So we maintain the status quo.  But at what cost?


Let’s take an example:


If sales of a product line need to reach 10,000 units per quarter to be viable, yet the business as usual forecast shows sales falling…  Well, “Houston, we have a problem”. 


Use the positive tension created by the gap to focus attention, to stimulate creativity and to build dedication to execute the strategies needed to turn the situation around.


Make it happen