25.) The Power of Execution Debriefs


#25   The Power of Execution Debriefs


Getting better in all walks of life relies on getting feedback on progress. The clearer the score card, the better the learning. To many, that’s what makes games, sports and music so appealing and compelling.

Powerful strategy execution debriefs are built on clear outcomes and trackable success metrics that connect everyone, at all levels in your organization.

Here are three progress situations and the key debrief questions that will lead to execution excellence:

  1. Code Green: We are on track and the outcomes will be achieved

Key Questions:  What specifically is contributing to our success? and how do we maintain it?

  1. Code Yellow: We are off track but adjusting the plan will get us to the goals.

Key Questions: What are the MOST CRITICAL blockages? What have we learned that will help us modify what we do as we go forward?

  1. Code Red: We are off track and the goal will not be met WITHOUT DRAMATIC CHANGE – IF AT ALL.

Key Questions: What will be the impact on the organization? How do we mitigate the impact? What did we learn?