16.) Mission or Vision



There is a lot of confusion on the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. Here are my definitions:


A Mission Statement is why an organization exists. It’s their reason for being. How does the enterprise make the world a better place? What problems does it solve for its stakeholders?


A greenhouse manufacturer defined their Mission as: ‘Creating growing environments that inspire greatness, for our customers and our people’. Notice the double meaning of growing environments? Very clever and very inspirational, being focused on their customers and their human talent, again:  “growing environments that inspire greatness, for our customers and for our people


A Vision Statement is what the organization wants to become. What will it look like in the future?  The desired state.


A plumbing supplies company defined their vision as: ‘Our products installed on every plumbing fixture….one country at time’.  Notice how their vision is defined externally, by their customers. Not about them becoming the best or the biggest. Their vision is driven by being chosen by their customers.


Make it happen….Make your Mission and Vision really matter.