10.) Meaningful Mission Statements



What business organizations do the following mission statements belong to?


Listen carefully;


#1 – “To give unlimited opportunity to women”

#2 – “Use our imaginations to bring happiness to millions”

#3 – “To help people get more done”


You will notice that here is no mention of the company products or service.


That they speak to improving the lives of the customers.


There is no mention of financial performance.


They are short, eight words or less.


They are designed to give meaning to the work of those in the organization.


Here are the owners…  three of the most successful businesses in the world.


Number one is Mary Kay


Number 2 is two Disney

and lastly Number 3 is Microsoft


Your take away:


Mission statements need to speak to the very existence of the business; they must provide meaning and a compelling value proposition.


Check yours…now.


Make it happen