24.) The Magic of Outputs


#24   The Magic of Outputs

Execution excellence is an outcome. Clarity, alignment and commitment, are extremely important inputs to getting what matters most……. done.

Start by creating an outcomes-focused mission {outcomes-mission} from the customers perspective. How will your organization make your customers’ lives better? What problems will you solve for them?

Listen carefully to this customer-driven mission statement:
“we build plumbing products that are guaranteed for life” ……. This mission takes the worry out of the consumer’s and contractor’s buying decision.

Who is the focus of your mission statement?

Vision should also be written from an outcomes and customer perspective. What do you want your organization to become from your customers perspective?

Pay careful attention to this vision:

“Our products will be chosen to be in every bathroom fixture, one country at a time” this vision, designed for both consumer and design engineers provided a compelling vision for a small manufacturer that had already achieved market dominance within their region.

Your one take away:
Your mission and vision should reflect outcomes and be written from your customer’s perspective