Getting. Buy_In and Consensus with Craig Gilpin

Important things that need to be done, and done well, must have the full support and commitment of those responsible to make them happen.  Buy-in, achieved through a vigorous consensus-reaching process, is Craig’s key to success.

About Craig Gilpin:

Craig Gilpin has spent much of his career in the highly competitive Canadian retail grocery industry.

From an Executive position at A&P (now known as Metro), Craig moved to Sobeys as President of Ontario operations, overseeing more than 200 locations and 30,000 employees.  Having achieved strong results in successive years, Craig’s next journey took him to North America’s second-oldest retail enterprise – the North West Company.  As the Chief Operating Officer, Craig was responsible for hundreds of retail locations under 4 major banners, most located in underserved communities throughout northern Canada, Alaska, Pacific islands and the Caribbean.

These days, having learned all there is to learn about grocery and general merchandise retailing, Craig has taken on a new challenge as President of Ironclad Developments – a builder of mainly mid-rise multi-unit residential structures, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.