14.) Focus on Your Value Proposition



Every business has a value proposition – without one there would be no business.

Let’s focus for 59 seconds.  I’m Fred.


What about YOUR value proposition?  Is it focused on important needs your customers have?


The value proposition is the central pillar around which any business is built.  The mission of every individual you employ should be to deliver it consistently, efficiently and with real passion, every day.  That sounds like a tall order, so let me share a few tips:


  1. Review your core value proposition. Make sure it clearly states how you IMPROVE THE LIVES OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.  What problems do you solve for them?


  1. Make sure it says how you are BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION. If you’re not better, then it comes down to a battle on price.


  1. Test the value proposition with a few customers. Some whose opinions you trust – and perhaps a couple of skeptics.


Once you’re done, bring together small groups of your people; discuss the value proposition – then ask each of them to identify a couple of ways in which they affect its delivery.


Help them get and own it.


Make it happen.


Make it happen