Ahs and Learnings by Brent Cornelissen

In this video Brent shares the one BIG Aha that he attributes to making the difference to being so successful in OS&B’s expansion into the US Market. He also shares a few other ‘nuggets of wisdom’ that will help you increase your strategic planning and execution success.

About Brent Conelissen

Brent Cornelissen is the President & CEO of OS&B, in Oakville, Ontario. Brent started in the Plumbing Industry in 1981 with the EMCO Factory based in London Ontario. They were a premiere Canadian Brass manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets along with brass valves and fittings. Brent was then involved in the amalgamation of EMCO and WALTEC, another faucet manufacturer which were folded into what became known as Delta Faucet Canada back in 1992. Brent then went on to start his own Plumbing Manufacturers Agency, representing a number of well-known brands in Ontario.  In 1999 he was appointed Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Watts Regulator for Canada. They were, and still are the largest maker of backflow preventers.  By 2005 the entrepreneurial streak was alive again when Brent purchased Oakville Stamping & Bending and rebranded it as OS&B® which has become the largest maker of bath, lavatory and shower drains in Canada, with a strong presence in the US market as well.

Brent has been a FOCUS client since 2013.