4.) Back to Basics Strategic Planning


Let’s FOCUS for 59 Seconds … I’m Fred.


Do you overcomplicate your strategic planning?

Most businesses do .…  and that’s according to published research and my 25 years of experience.

Here are the three fundamental questions that should drive your strategic thinking:

Number one   Where are we now? ….. Is our business making our customers’ lives better, in ways that matter?……. And what about our competitors? what are they doing?

Number two  What is our destination? …… What is our vision for the future, in say 3-5 years. Make this a high definition destination because strategy execution hates fuzziness.

Number three  How will we get there? …… What are the 2-3 Strategies that will achieve  your Strategic Goals?…. This is a short list!  Long lists and strategic planning DO NOT go together

Your entire plan…  should fit on three pages. Put everything else in the appendix.


Make it happen!