12.) Assessing the Weaknesses of your Organization



I think everyone is familiar with the SWOT Analysis – a major part of understanding your current situation.


Let’s focus for 59 seconds.  I’m Fred.


The SWOT analysis includes examining your own organization and identifying its most significant weaknesses.  For most of us, this is not much fun.  Doing it well requires objectivity and honesty. 


A solid assessment of weaknesses, one that focuses on things that are important to the customer and considers key competitors, provides important insights into your ability to “win the game”.


Once you have a clear view of your position, you have choices to make: improve one or more important areas, OR change the rules of the game, making your weaknesses insignificant.


When Michael Dell founded Dell Computer, he didn’t have a distribution network – no bricks and mortar, no retail storefronts.  Instead of trying to compete with the big computer companies on their terms, he changed the game – and revolutionized forever how computers were bought and sold.


Look for ways to improve YOUR game or change the way it’s played.


Make it happen