11.) Assessing the Strengths of your Organization



I think everyone is familiar with the SWOT Analysis – a major part of understanding your current situation.


Let’s focus for 59 seconds.  I’m Fred.


Let’s begin with assessing your organization’s Strengths.


In my experience, these are often lengthy lists of the things we like about our organizations: “we have great people, a strong management team, best products and services”.  Now, don’t get me wrong – these are all nice things to have; but, you need to dig a little deeper.


HOW IS IT that you manage to attract, retain, develop and mobilize those great people?


How do you KEEP them great, and help them become even greater?


WHAT IS IT about your management team that makes them strong?  Their EXPERIENCE?  Their SKILLS?  The team’s culture?


And finally, what is it that enables you to imagine, develop and bring to market, products and services that TRULY ARE category-leaders?


Peeling the layers will help you identify the things about your organization that represent potential strengths – especially if they separate you from your competition – but more about that, another time…


Make it happen