The FOCUS Management team are your training guides to success.

Realizing an organization’s potential is like climbing a mountain. The task is large, but not impossible.  We help business leaders and their teams expand their skills to move forward with success and reach the summit.

Skills Training and Leadership Development

Program Overview 

Our 40+ years of training development, delivery and management experience have taught us that many organizations undervalue the importance of developing the skills, abilities and knowledge base of their employees.  FOCUS’s mission is to raise the profile of employee development and help our clients leverage new capabilities to create meaningful differentiation from their competitors.


Our offerings include programs that extend from the shop floor to the executive suite, including:

Do a Few Things Really Well: a thinking, priority-setting, decision-making and action-planning program


Performance Management Fundamentals: a suite of training modules designed to help people operate and leverage performance management systems and processes


Performance Management – Beyond the Basics: a suite of training modules designed to develop individual and team effectiveness


Velocity – making work make sense: training on tools and techniques for documenting and streamlining workflows


Dimensions of Leadership: training on frameworks, tools and techniques to better understand one’s leadership style and increase personal, coworker and team effectiveness


Two Ears, One Mouth, Ten Fingers: training on tools, techniques, tricks and traps to improve communication – person to person; group to group; up, down and across the organization


Talk to us about how FOCUS can put together and price programs to accelerate the growth in value of your most important asset – your people.


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