Skills Training and Leadership Development

Training Modules

Each of our programs is developed on a modular basis.  This allows us to put together the training that best suits the needs of your business – not more, not less.  Below, we have listed modules which are part of each of our offerings.  Others may be designed and created to meet business-specific needs, as required.  Talk to us about what you need – there is always a way to make it happen.


Do a Few Things Really Well

Understanding Your Business Environment – inside and out

How to Define Your Critical Value Proposition – what makes you special and important

How to Identify and Define Your Alternatives – and then the hard part (deciding)


Performance Management Fundamentals

It’s All About the Output – how to define roles in ways that matter

What’s Most Important – how to align individual, team and organizational priorities

Who Can Do What? – how to define requisite authority to enable high performance


Performance Management – Beyond the Basics

Team Effectiveness – how to identify simple game changers to improve team performance

It’s All About the Process – how to establish sensible, effective and efficient process roles for individuals and functions

It’s Not You, It’s Me – how to give (and receive) style-related feedback to improve performance


Velocity – Making Work Make Sense

Map It – how to use a variety of mapping tools and techniques

Challenge It – how to examine the way the work is performed today, critically


Dimensions of Leadership

All About Style – basic understanding of the Leadership Style model

Style Appraisal – how to appraise the styles of yourself and others

Here’s What I See – giving effective and useful style feedback

Two Ears, One Mouth, Ten Fingers

You’re Not Listening! – effective active listening skills

Before You Say Anything – how to structure and deliver effective verbal communication

Before You Press “Send” – how to get your point across in writing

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