We have worked with hundreds of clients, getting leaders and teams up the mountain to reach organizational goals.

Our industry experience includes manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional and financial services, telecommunications, construction, aerospace and defence.

Industries we have worked in...


Food and Beverage

Construction and Building Supplies



Sales and Distribution



Professional and Financial Services

Boards of Trade and Business Associations

“FOCUS have been a key element in our tremendously successful expansion into the US market. Now the little fish is swimming in a big pond — and loving it.” Brent Cornelissen

President, OS&B

“FOCUS, as the name says, have sharpened our abilities as strategy executors: deciding what really makes a difference and then applying our energy to create a meaningful, sustainable competitive advantage.” Michael Burrows

CEO, Maple Lodge Farms

“In grocery retail, competitive advantage comes from a relentless focus on executing what matters. With the help of FOCUS, we make ourselves unstoppable.” Craig Gilpin

CCO, North West Company