There are many blockages that leaders run into when it comes to Strategy Execution.  What is yours?

1 Everyone does not have a good idea of the decisions and actions for which they are accountable
2 Important information about the competitive environment does not get to headquarters quickly
3 Once made decisions are second guessed
4 Information does not flow freely across organizational boundaries
5 Field and line employees do not have the information they need to understand the bottom-line impact of their day-to-day choices
6 Line managers do not have access to the metrics they need to measure the key drives of their business
7 Managers up the line do not get involved in operating decisions
8 Conflicting messages are commonly sent to the market
9 The individual performance-appraisal process does not differentiate among high, adequate, and low performers
10 The ability to deliver on performance commitments does not strongly influence career advancement and compensation


The #1 blockage by far is “Everyone does not have a good idea of the decisions and actions for which they are accountable” according to a study that was reported in the Harvard Business Review. The study involved 1000 companies, governments and not-for-profits representing 125,000 people in 50 countries.

How do you get your staff clear on their accountabilities and ensure they are continually aligned with the strategy?”

Participants in our Executive Round Table workshops report using job descriptions, training workshops, communication programmes, town hall meetings,  and social events.

We have found having worked with over 2000 teams, at all levels, during the last 20 years that the most effective and efficient is to use team-based conversations specifically designed to ensure participants are clear on their roles, objectives, decision making authority levels and to connect these directly and concretely to the overall company goals and strategies.

Clients say that the clear site lines have contributed, in a big way, to their success.

What are you doing to deal with the #1 blockage?

We will be reporting on specific ways to measure and to remove wobble further in upcoming ‘Alignment Tips’.

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