wobbleWobble is the enemy. You’ll recognize it by the way it makes your organization miss goals and objectives – despite the best strategic plan you’ve ever put to paper. It’s the kind of wobble that wears away at efficiencies and effectiveness – like the wearing of poorly aligned car tires. It’s the kind of wobble that loses customers and valued employees. It fosters redundancy, duplication and inefficiency. Worst of all, wobble makes people, departments and functions move at different speeds and in different directions.

Wobble can turn business leaders into white knuckle drivers. You can’t take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel, for a second…not even to make a course correction.

At FOCUS Management, we facilitate highly-productive strategic conversations geared to business success. Truly transformative conversations, where everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, express new ideas, challenge what doesn’t work, and defend what does. Great conversations provide clarity and lead to breakthrough business results. And clarity leads to alignment and mitigates organizational wobble.

The best defense against wobble is a well-designed, well-implemented strategic plan – aligned with your organization. Everyone – from the CEO to the front line employee – must be passionate about the organization, confident in the direction and committed to the goals.