Good things last.  I was recently asked to speak in New York, to an international group of chief librarians from major urban centres from around the world. They share innovative efforts and the results annually. The core of my presentation was about  a strategic planning and alignment system that Fred and his team at FOCUS Management facilitated  at the Mississauga Library System, 15 years ago!  The process was robust, rigorous and collaborative in nature and Ahead…Mississauga Library System
“ We believe in investing in our people and we have engaged several firms to help us do that. I must admit that none of them have had the positive impact that FOCUS has, in such a short period of time. FOCUS facilitated results are pragmatic and can  immediately put to work to increase productivity and quality as the team gets stronger. And they did that WITH our people who really liked the FOCUS approach. We will continue to work with FOCUS as we grow our organization”  Richard Cupido, President and Owner, Burlington Paving
“We lean on Richard Gerofsky, Partner at FOCUS to help develop our strategic roadmap. Richard’s sound counsel, useful guidance and effective facilitation enabled Mayhew to think strategically, keeping steadfastly committed to our corporate vision and strategic objectives.  Richard is a key asset around the Mayhew boardroom table, and considered an extension of our Executive team.” Marcia Mayhew, CEO, Mayhew
“We have certainly come a long way in a short period of time.  Recently, we won an award for the best performing energy efficient homes in North America.  The Focus Management Team, Fred, Richard and Stephen, have become a part of the L!V Communities Team, working with us to create better communication, clarity and alignment.  Our team is now focussed on what really matters and that’s what generates results that our customers expect and deserve.”Anthony Martelli, Chief Operating Officer L!V Communities
“FOCUS is able to hone in on the most important strategic initiatives and gain a level of engagement and alignment across the organization. They deliver real results. I believe in the people. I believe in the product.”Craig Gilpin, CCO, North West
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Strategic Planning & Alignment Training

Every organization needs a strategy.

Every day, people make decisions. Some are good decisions, some are not so good. A well-supported strategic plan will help your people make better decisions, including what work needs to be done – and what doesn’t.


FOCUS Management offers masterful training, facilitation and a proven process to get your strategic planning session in high gear.

FOCUS begins with a conversation. FOCUS trainers facilitate a dynamic, disciplined conversation with your senior management team to help develop the right strategy for your organization. Together, we explore:

  • Where are you today?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • How will you get there?


Tough questions deliver better decisions.

Our training process delivers a prioritized list of strategic objectives and a results-oriented action plan, with accountability and timelines.



Imagine, everyone focused on a clear and achievable strategy.

When it’s time to engage employees, FOCUS training guides the effort to effectively roll-out your plan to the entire organization. And to keep the plan on track, FOCUS will monitor your progress with tools that measure success against deliverables.



Because what gets measured, gets done.