Good things last.  I was recently asked to speak in New York, to an international group of chief librarians from major urban centres from around the world. They share innovative efforts and the results annually. The core of my presentation was about  a strategic planning and alignment system that Fred and his team at FOCUS Management facilitated  at the Mississauga Library System, 15 years ago!  The process was robust, rigorous and collaborative in nature and Ahead…Mississauga Library System
“ We believe in investing in our people and we have engaged several firms to help us do that. I must admit that none of them have had the positive impact that FOCUS has, in such a short period of time. FOCUS facilitated results are pragmatic and can  immediately put to work to increase productivity and quality as the team gets stronger. And they did that WITH our people who really liked the FOCUS approach. We will continue to work with FOCUS as we grow our organization”  Richard Cupido, President and Owner, Burlington Paving
“FOCUS is able to hone in on the most important strategic initiatives and gain a level of engagement and alignment across the organization. They deliver real results. I believe in the people. I believe in the product.”Craig Gilpin, CCO, North West
“We lean on Richard Gerofsky, Partner at FOCUS to help develop our strategic roadmap. Richard’s sound counsel, useful guidance and effective facilitation enabled Mayhew to think strategically, keeping steadfastly committed to our corporate vision and strategic objectives.  Richard is a key asset around the Mayhew boardroom table, and considered an extension of our Executive team.” Marcia Mayhew, CEO, Mayhew
“We have certainly come a long way in a short period of time.  Recently, we won an award for the best performing energy efficient homes in North America.  The Focus Management Team, Fred, Richard and Stephen, have become a part of the L!V Communities Team, working with us to create better communication, clarity and alignment.  Our team is now focussed on what really matters and that’s what generates results that our customers expect and deserve.”Anthony Martelli, Chief Operating Officer L!V Communities
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Our Team


FredPidsadnyFred Pidsadny, President

Fred is a master trainer, facilitator and expert communicator with more than 25 years experience working with clients in just about every industry you can name. Fred’s an Industrial Engineer by trade, but that’s no surprise. He applies the practical principles of engineering analysis to optimize the planning process and produce precision, measurable results. He’s a people-person, drawing from many years experience in Organizational Development and Human Resources.

Fred takes a hands-on approach to strategic planning training across all levels of an organization. He keeps it REAL for everyone, from the CEO to front line employees. He helps clients create clear sight lines between their work and the long-term direction of the business. His brand of facilitation inspires people to action.

Fred lives in Grimsby, Ontario with his wife, Dorothy who keeps him aligned with the important things in life. He enjoys fishing, gardening and strumming on his guitar when he’s not devouring the hottest new business book. He is a father of two great sons who he is very proud of, and a daughter who he adores. He is the grandfather of Maddie, Cayce, Megan and Kayla who continuously remind him of the magic of curiosity and the power of persistence. linkedin-icon

341c062Richard Gerofsky, Partner

Richard is a master trainer and facilitator with a reputation for helping transform organizations from start-ups to billion dollar enterprises. He’s helped countless clients worldwide to improve their responsiveness, speed their time to market and dramatically improve their productivity.

Richard is a popular favourite among FOCUS clients. His firm but gentle demeanor keeps teams on track, aligned and committed to the task at hand. He applies proven processes that help organizations make pivotal decisions and build consensus critical to success.

Richard lives in Thornhill, Ontario with his wife Lisse and three kids ranging in age from 9 to 23. When not providing in-family intergenerational translation services, he loves spending time sailing, motorcycling, driving fast cars and puttering about with all of the related contraptions.

Stephen ParrottStephen Parrott, Partner

Stephen is a master trainer and facilitator with a penchant for strategic project management and information technology. He’s a teacher, a coach and a mentor with more than 20 years experience. Stephen is also no stranger to change. He has helped organizations in Canada and the Caribbean make and evaluate strategic decisions and apply the principles of change management.

Stephen enjoys the process of helping organizations establish clear linkages between strategy, projects and production priorities. Clients appreciate his level-headed approach to facilitation. Under Stephen’s professional guidance, organizations set realistic goals, make the tough decisions, and communicate those decisions clearly to help align the organization behind them – top to bottom.

Stephen has helped organizations in Canada and internationally evaluate and take new strategic directions, including overseeing the changes for these implementations Stephen spent 18 years with the Bank of Nova Scotia including Director positions working with the bank’s Executive on corporate strategy, Risk Management, Mutual Fund platform automation and various Operations/ IT assignments.  Most recently he initiated a Project Management Office at Seneca College. Stephen also teaches Project Management within the Seneca Accounting and Financial Services Faculty.

Stephen lives in Pickering with his wife, Melanie and their two daughters, both extraordinary amateur athletes. When Stephen isn’t busy helping organizations win, he’s helping kids win! A teacher and mentor at heart, Stephen get his kicks coaching kids of all ages in soccer, volleyball and baseball.

David Boyce, Associate Facilitator

David’s experience includes leadership roles in National Sales and Service Operations within Canadian and International organizations. He held a lead role as facilitation champion within a strategic acquisitions team, leading business transformation and personal development initiatives in Leadership, Customer Service, Team Performance and Cross-Functional Collaborations.

Client experience includes delivery of Strategic performance initiatives, Team Adventures and Coaching that infuse new direction, conversations, capability, productivity, energy and results into the organization.

For David, his wife Cathy and son Lucas, the outdoors is a playground to be explored. They share a passion for an active healthy lifestyle with friends and the community, through adventure experiences, coaching and with Cathy’s business, Living Fit Studio, Cabot Trail Relay team, Chicks Running Clicks.