“The FOCUS approach is practical, action-oriented and well-defined from a planning perspective. They hold management accountable and prework is an expectation. They have the ability to move the agenda along, and capture the information in a way we can operationalize.”George Croft , President, Brick Brewing
“FOCUS helps us decide what work is most important. They ask: What should we start doing? What should we stop doing? The questions are simple but the answers can be profound. You need to understand what’s real and what’s not. FOCUS helps us cut to the chase.”Frank Buck, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, Brampton Brick
“We have certainly come a long way in a short period of time.  Recently, we won an award for the best performing energy efficient homes in North America.  The Focus Management Team, Fred, Richard and Stephen, have become a part of the L!V Communities Team, working with us to create better communication, clarity and alignment.  Our team is now focussed on what really matters and that’s what generates results that our customers expect and deserve.”Anthony Martelli, Chief Operating Officer L!V Communities
“FOCUS is able to hone in on the most important strategic initiatives and gain a level of engagement and alignment across the organization. They deliver real results. I believe in the people. I believe in the product.”Craig Gilpin, CCO, North West
“ We believe in investing in our people and we have engaged several firms to help us do that. I must admit that none of them have had the positive impact that FOCUS has, in such a short period of time. FOCUS facilitated results are pragmatic and can  immediately put to work to increase productivity and quality as the team gets stronger. And they did that WITH our people who really liked the FOCUS approach. We will continue to work with FOCUS as we grow our organization”  Richard Cupido, President and Owner, Burlington Paving
Telecom Triumph
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Why a Brilliant Strategy is Not Enough
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Is Strategic Planning a Waste of Time and Money
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Top Ten Reasons Strategies Fail
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What We Do and Why

For business leaders who need better results faster, our Strategic Alignment Process delivers Great Execution of what Matters Most

Unlike traditional consulting approaches, our method builds:

  • clarity and alignment to business focus and direction
  • through facilitated team conversations
  • that drive commitment and action

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of clients of all types and sizes have successfully used our approach to dramatically improve performance and value.

How do we do it?…. by working with our clients to get fibre optic clarity, laser alignment and unstoppable commitment on two things:

  • The organization’s strategy…the mounting evidence shows that only 1/3 say they understand their strategic plan and even fewer say they are committed to make it happen.
  • Accountabilities…75% of organizations say they are poor at execution; in those companies, only 32% say they are clear on what action they should take and what decisions they can make

Here’s how we graphically describe the impact of clarity, alignment and commitment on what every leader wants…Getting What Matters Most, DONE.


The Strategy Execution Round Table is your first step to implementing a disciplined approach for delivering strategic success for your business.